Sandblast stencil plotter

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We can use whichever plotter is the most appropriate for whichever tape we consider to be the best for the particular job we want to do StoneMask Orange has a strong, clear, silicon-treated PET plastic backing which is recyclable and peels away from the tape easily and because the tape is PVC the stencil does not stretch in the process The tape itself is transluscent and the stencil can be visually aligned with any existing lettering or ornamentation on the stone before the backing is removed

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Again, because the tape is transluscent it changes colour where it adheres to the stone and therefore we can clearly see whether there are any potential air pockets which might result in tape lift or centres of letters flying away during the blasting process Finally, after blasting, StoneMask Orange generally peels away form the stone in one piece, leaving only the centres of letters to be removed with a scraper The longer it is left on the stone before blasting the better it sticks – on rough surfaces we leave the stencil on the stone for up to 24 hours before blasting The PVC is the better of the two to use but if we already have a line drawing of the design we can transfer it onto Barnier using a photocopier and save ourselves some time The “Tangential Emulation” is a cutter software feature that allows the i-536 GTS to cut flawless V-lines and perfectly square corners in even the heaviest of materials

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