Mini plotter epson dtg

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Splashjet LFP inks are suitable for wide range of applications such as Graphic Arts, Amateur Photographic Prints, Professional Photography Prints, Archival Printing, Fine-Art Reproduction, Décor Printing, Indoor Displays, CAD & GIS Plotting While most of the LFP printers by default offer Epson pigment ink, select models for graphic arts & mini photo lab offer dye-based inks Besides exceptional quality performance, Splashjet ink offers highly reliable decap behavior, excellent adhesion to media and high-quality sharp prints with excellent color saturation

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Stringent manufacturing process backed by ISO norms ensures to deliver the same inks with the highest consistency Robust ink design based on original Epson large format ink delivers highly satisfactory performance We pay special attention to various key ink design parameters to ensure maximum performance and active life of print-heads These inks are available in a wide variety of packaging options ranging from 500gm, 1kg HDPE bottles to 25 kg HDPE Carbuoy

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