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An inkjet printer can produce from 100 to several hundred pages, depending on the nature of the hard copy, before the ink cartridges must be replaced A few models require separate cartridges for each primary pigment, along with a black ink cartridge Even the cheapest inkjet printers are satisfactory for most of the needs of personal computer users

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Another limitation is the fact that most inkjet printers are slow and they are not designed for high-volume print jobs To prevent this from happening on rarely-used printers, a cron job can be scheduled to print a purge sheet (an image containing all colors used by the printer) once per day This type of plotter consists of a flat surface on which the paper is placed in a stationary position and it is the pen that moves to create drawing or images The inkjet plotters based on thermal principle use ink cartridges consisting of a heating element to disperse the droplets of ink when a high current is passed through it The technologically advanced wide format printers deploy either an inkjet or a toner-based technology for printing  The wide format printers are largely used to print on wide sheets for glow-signs, banners or posters

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The amazing thing is, as the quality of inkjet printers has improved, the prices have continued to drop However, for most people, refilling the inkjet cartridges a few times will often cost more than the printer  Moreover, the width of the final print-out is limited by the width of a drum while there is no limit to the length of the paper Drum plotters (also called roller plotters) spin the paper back and forth on a cylindrical drum while the ink pens move left and right Documents printed by flatbed plotters are constrained to the length and width of the printing surface

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